MMA Tip: Scissor Sweep

This video on scissor sweep teaches a simple yet effective reversal when you are on the ground and you have your opponent in your guard position. The scissor sweep is a great way to escape and to end up mounted on top of your opponent.



With your opponent in your guard, you want to secure their arms and get a little bit of space between you (by bucking or sliding). Slip one knee across his chest along a straight line perpendicular to his hip line, throw his arms to one side to displace his weight and with the foot on his chest you are going to push and the other foot on the floor you are going to pull in a “scissoring” action.

This should sweep him to the side and if you keep the momentum going your energy should roll you until you are on top of him in a mounted position.

Scissor Sweep:

Scissor Sweep


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