MMA Tip: The Plum

The plum drill is a great way to take your opponent off balance and to set them up for a knee strike while you are in the clinch. The concept here is to brace your hands around your opponent’s neck, hands overlapped never interlocking fingers, and to press your forearms against their head. As you do this, you want to take a 90 degree steps with your rear leg and whip your opponent around.

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MMA Tip: Cage Up

This blocking drill is sometimes called “cage up”. It’s an effective and often an emergency tactic that allows you take a chance to refocus.

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MMA Tip: Scissor Sweep

This video on scissor sweep teaches a simple yet effective reversal when you are on the ground and you have your opponent in your guard position. The scissor sweep is a great way to escape and to end up mounted on top of your opponent.

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MMA Tip: Guillotine Choke

The Guillotine choke is a great submission to apply to an opponent as they are charging in at you with their head low as if they are trying to tackle you. You want to catch them and keep their head down and inside your armpit, wrap your arm and bicep around their head and then lock your arm up under their chin into the neck.

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MMA Video Tip: Shin Kicking

A shin kicking is a painful kickboxing move to use. This video on shin kick breaks down the difference between a traditional Karate roundhouse kick and an MMA shin kick.

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MMA Tip: Thai Block

Hi I’m Trever Sherman and in this video I’m going to go over the basics of a block called the Thai Block. I like this block as it’s a good quick, power block as a defense for incoming straight punches such as jabs or crosses.

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MMA Tip: Arm Bar From Behind

Arm Bar From Behind is an alternative way to apply an arm bar on your opponent. It begins in the position of you have your opponent’s back and he’s struggling to sit up. As he is doing that, you are going to have your arms underhooking his to hold him in place, then take one arm and go up and over his head, push it down and then roll over and lift your legs up and into the arm bar position. Continue reading